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                                              ABOUT US

Ranade Super-speciality Eye Centre ( RSEC ) is a state of the art hospital and research centre with a main focus for-

1.Pediatric eye problems & Squint

2.Cornea Transplantation

3.LASIK surgery- Customised Wavefront Technology

4.Cataract Surgery- State of the art Micro-incision Phacoemulsification

5. Orthoptic Eye Exercises- Amblyopia / Lazy eye treatment

6.Eye Trauma

7.Glaucoma- Advanced management

8.Oculoplasty- Cosmetic Eye Surgery

It was felt by many that while majority of eye hospitals in our country had pediatric eye / Squint surgery wing/ department the commitment towards pediatric eye care was less than full. And those who were committed had either lack of expertise or world class resources or support group staff and organizations to take it to the pinnacle level of advanced but affordable eye care.

Children with eye problems from Maharashtra have no options but to go down southern part of India to a few reputed centres for complex eye surgeries and treatment. These hospitals are primarily catering general eye problems ( mostly adult ) but do have pediatric eye departments with a handful number of doctors and trainees. Unfortunately such a centre of similar stature was found missing in Maharashtra

We decided to gel these problems and come up with One Solution- RSEC !

Ranade Super-speciality Eye Centre is a advanced Super-speciality eye hospital based in Thane (Mumbai suburb) with an aim to provide world class services. 

The centre is being built on the highest standards of NABH and ISO norms and is expected to do a pioneering work with a goal to eradicate blindness.

The hospital is committed towards achieving the goal of VISION 2020 set by WHO.

Salient features of the centre

  • First complete Pediatric eye diseases and Squint hospital in Asia primarily designed for treatment of pediatric eye diseases under one roof
  • Centre facilities as per the highest norms of NABH ( National Accredition Board for Hospitals ) guidelines to make it world class and ultra hi-tech
  • Ultra modern diagnostic and surgical set-up to manage the most difficult of pediatric eye and Squint surgeries
  • Free eye surgeries for the under-privileged children / below poverty line patients under our in-house wing ‘ VIHAAN Helping Hand Foundation’
  • 24 x 7 availability of consultants  in the city for emergency consultations and surgeries. The chief consultants being the residents of Thane city
  • Fastest accommodation rate for any super-speciality centre in India-Patient consulted within 24 hours of referral from the referring Doctor to decrease anxiety of  parents and care-givers




An ISO 9001:2008 URS,UKAS Certified Clinic





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